Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Killing of a Blacksmith

When a blacksmith died after being kicked by a man who he had turned out of the shop, the attacker was jailed for just one month.

On Monday 26th July 1852 George Spratt was working at his smithy in Burlington Street when a man named William Sanderson came in. Sanderson then picked up a hammer and began striking the anvil. Spratt told him to stop and then managed to put him out onto the street when he didn't do so.

Burlington Street in 1900 (
Soon afterwards Sanderson returned and kicked Spratt in the eye whilst he was stooped down shoeing a horse. Forty six year old Spratt was taken home by his son but became insensible four days later. On 31st July he died, with a doctor being of the opinion delirium tremens had set in.

Sanderson appeared at the assizes before Lord Chief Justice Campbell on 20th August. It could not be proved that delirium tremens had been the direct result of the kick and subsequent wound. With Spratt known to be a man of intemperate habits a verdict of manslaughter was returned but with a recommendation for mercy. He was then jailed for just one month.

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