Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sailor's Wife's Throat Cut

In 1879 the body of a sailor's wife was found in an entry off Bath Street but the killer was never caught.

Ann Henry lived in lodgings at 57 Sawneypope Street and had been earning money from needlework whilst her husband had been away at sea for the best part of a year. On 6th October 1879 she left her lodgings between 6 and 7pm and was later seen by a neighbour at about midnight in a drunken state in Hatton Garden.She said she did not want to return home yet and headed off in the direction of the docks.

The following morning Ann's body was found in the entry, her throat having been cut. A knife covered in blood was found about 70 yards away on the window ledge of an eating house in Denilson Street by the owner's son.

Despite a reward of £100 being offered by the Home Secretary, Ann's murderer was never brought to justice.

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