Sunday, 3 May 2015

Throat Cutting Husband Unfit to Plead

A man who cut his wife's throat when his health deteriorated after being made unemployed was detained at His Majesty's Pleasure after examination by a prison doctor.

Low Hill in 1972 (
At around noon on 13th January 1932 in Winter Street, Low Hill, 37 year old Ivor Derrick knocked at a neighbour's door heavily bleeding from his throat and wrists. When the neighbour went up to Ivor's bedroom he found the body of his 43 year old wife Beatrice, whose throat had been cut. A number of razor blade were lying on the floor.

Ivor, an unemployed coach painter, was treated at hospital and arrested on his discharge, telling the detective who took him into custody: 'I did it sir, I was doped with white stuff she put in the food. I done it with a razor blade, I ought to have done myself.' On being charged he replied 'I am not in good health' and he was committed for trial at the next Liverpool assizes.  

On 26th January Ivor appeared at St George's Hall, where evidence was heard from Dr William Higson, the senior medical officer at Walton gaol. He said he had been observing Ivor during his period of remand and was of the opinion that he was suffering from mental confusion. After accepting that he was unfit to plead, Mr Justice Swift ordered that Ivor be detained under the King's Pleasure.  

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