Monday, 18 January 2016

Killed Over Jinx

Two movie watchers got into a dispute when one objected to the other using the word 'jinx', leading to a fight in which one was stabbed to death.

On 6th March 1945 at a hostel in Upper Stanhope Street that was frequented by West Indian seamen, a film was shown during which there were a number of interruptions. One of them involved Charles Reddock calling a woman a jinx, which was objected to by 29 year old George Murray. He confronted Reddock over the words and punched him, but the other man responded by drawing a knife.

After being stabbed in the stomach Murray was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Reddock surrendered himself to police saying 'Yes I used the knife he hit me first, I didn't mean to kill him'.

At the Liverpool assizes on 23rd April 29 year old Reddock's counsel called the act 'a tragedy arising out of lost tempers.' He offered to plead guilty to manslaughter and under direction of Mr Justice Lewis, the jury returned a not guilty verdict in relation to the murder charge. After saying that Murray was undoubtedly the aggressor, the judge then sentenced Reddock to five years penal servitude.  

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