Monday, 27 April 2015

Policeman Dies After 'Liverpool Touch'

A police officer who was tripped whilst giving chase died after complications arose from his injuries, leading to a man being convicted of manslaughter.  

In the early hours of 6th June 1869 a row took place in Maguire Street, off Scotland Road when Constable Irvine intervened. He was stabbed several times by a woman who fled, with Irvine having to give up the chase as he became weakened by loss of blood. Constable Samuel Kingsberry took over but as he was running along Rose Place he was tripped by 29 year old labourer Michael Carroll, who said 'There is a Liverpool Touch for you'.

Kingsberry was treated by a doctor from the East Dispensary and on 16th June he developed a severe cold so was ordered to rest in bed at his home in Amber Place, off Latimer Street. He then developed lockjaw as a result of tetanus and he died on 23rd June. The funeral of the 35 year old, who left a wife and three children, took place three days later with 400 officers marching slowly from Hatton Garden to Toxteth Park cemetery in Smithdown Road.

Carroll was charged with manslaughter and tried before Mr Justice Hannen on 13th August. His defence counsel objected to the reading of Kingsberry's dying deposition because it had only been signed by the magistrate on the last page. However the judge ruled that even if it was usual to sign every page that was not in statute and it could be accepted. After evidence was shown that Carroll had tripped Kingsberry and death was caused by the injury received, his employer gave testament to his good character and temperate habits.

After being found guilty Justice Hannen said that Carroll could not have contemplated that death would occur from tripping somebody up. However he could not ignore what was an outrageous acti and told him that a mischievous spirit had made him inclined to thwart Kingsberry from doing his duty, that of pursuing an evil doer. He then imposed a sentence of nine months imprisonment with hard labour.

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