Sunday, 8 February 2015

Run Over by 'Drunk' Carter

There was a tragedy in 1847 when a three year old was run over by a cart driven by a man who was accused of being drunk.

On 25th September that year market gardener Thomas Hale was driving his cart up Scotland Road towards Kirkdale at about 6 miles per hour. When he got to the junction with Bevington Street two young girls crossed the road but it was too late for him to pull the horse up.

Three year old Ann Owen was struck by the cart and Hale took her to the dispensary, accompanied by an ex policeman called Mr Robinson. He believed that Hale was 'far from sober' and when Ann died a few hours later, he was charged with manslaughter but given bail.

At the South Lancashire Assizes in December Hale was described by the Liverpool Mercury as 'being of respectable appearance.' Robinson again stated his opinions but other witnesses said that was not the case and Hale was found not guilty and discharged.

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