Friday, 25 April 2014

Man Kills Partner With Fatal Push

When a man's partner died after suffering a head injury when he pushed her and she fell against a table, the trial judge was forced to comment that he had never seen so many crimes from drunkenness in any other large town.

46 year old Thomas Evans saw in the New Year of 1867 by going out drinking with Elizabeth Hughes, who he cohabited with in Fox Street, Everton (below).

After returning to their 1st floor lodgings in the early hours they argued and Mrs Simons, the landlady who lived below, went up to see what was going on. She saw Elizabeth bleeding from a cut head but when she asked for a doctor, Thomas laughed and said that she would be alright.

Three weeks later Elizabeth died and the surgeon who attended her said it was down to fluid on the brain caused by her wound. Thomas admitted to having pushed Elizabeth, causing her to lose her footing and bang the back of her head on the corner of a table.

Thomas was indicted for manslaughter and found guilty, causing Mr Justice Mellor to say that he did not know any other large town where he saw so many crimes committed as a result of drunkenness as Liverpool. However, concluding that Thomas did not intend to cause harm, he sentenced him to just 12 months imprisonment with hard labour.

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