Monday, 28 March 2016

Killer Not Found Despite Reward

The killer of a teenager whose body was found in Anfield cemetery in 1875 was never caught. 

On 11th June that year fourteen year old Edward Howell, who lived with his  sister and widowed mother, was reported missing from his home in Balliol Road, Bootle. Eight days later his body was found in Anfield cemetery concealed by some shrubs. 

At first it was thought he may have suffered a fit whilst looking for birds nests but a closer examination of the body found that his faced was bruised and he had been strangled. It was believed that he had been killed elsewhere and his body dragged to the spot where it was discovered.

Police carried out exhaustive enquiries but they could find no motive or clues as to why the boy who worked in a stonecutters yard was killed. An inquest returned a verdict of 'wilful murder against some person or persons unknown'. Despite a reward of £100 (£8,000 in today's money) being offered by the government, no information was forthcoming and Edward's death remained unsolved.

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